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2017 IPSC Alberta Provincials

   Hello Shooters! This year the Brooks Pistol Club is once again proud to be hosting this years provincials on June 30th, July 1st and 2nd. We have received our level 3 sanctioning and we hope we can put on a great show for you guys and have some good fun too! Our very own members Stacey Lillehei and Doug Glisson, have taken the controls and are going to be the match directors for provincials!

The match is sponsored by The Bullet Shop.

   The match will be a 3 day event. The setup will be competitors will shoot 2 half days and work 1 full day. The work lists will be sorted out with squadding as per usual.



The match fee will be $175 and will include a goodie bag like we had last year! The Jerseys we have this year will be $75 each. Once the Jersey art is finalized we will post a picture on this page! Extra tickets can be purchased for $35.00 each.

   The match hotel for provincials will be the *Heritage Inn & Suites*. They have continually supported us through out the years so it was only fitting that we use them once again for their great services! When booking a room, please mention you are attending the 2017 provincials and you should be given the match room rate. The banquet will also be held at the Heritage Inn on Saturday night. The doors will be open at 5:30pm, cocktails 5:30-6:00, Supper at 6:00. We will also be using our local Brooks Food Bank again to provide us their great lunches for the entire match! Any non-perishable food donations are always accepted!

   For those of you who will be bringing an RV or camper, we will have a designated camping area on the range. Please be aware that we do NOT have any hookups so come prepared! Camping will be a first come first serve type of setup.

   If anyone has any questions or comments regarding provincials, please contact the match directors directly via e-mail. They will be checking it often and will be able to answer your questions!



Stacey & Doug (Match Directors)



   There will be draws for some guns like last year, I will post pictures and info of the guns once we have them available. The prize table may change a bit as we go along but so far that's what we are looking at. Once the stages are available for posting, they will be posted here!


A quick note from the MD's...

  As many of you are aware the Bullet Shop will be the 2017 IPSC Alberta Match Sponsors and have received approval as Match Ammo for the event. This means if you are shooting Match Ammo you will automatically pass the Chrono stage. A question was raised on the forums as to what the requirements for this were as a competitor and if previously purchased ammo can be used. Below is the MD's response after speaking with The Bullet Shop, reviewing the rule book and speaking with the PTO and a Provincials Range Master.

  The short answer is Specific Match Ammo must be purchased at the Match to receive exemption in accordance to IPSC Rule

  Likewise, in accordance to 5.8.1, I will be posting in the next day or two the ammo that will be available for purchase from the Bullet Shop as "Match Ammo" to receive exemption form chrono. i.e. JTT 124gn 9mm Minor etc. I will also provide a round count as at least that many rounds must be purchased. The ammo may be ordered in advance but must be picked up at the Match where a 2017 Provincials Match Ammo Receipt will be provided which will include the following info:

Be labeled 2017 Provincial Match Ammo
Name of the Purchaser.
The description of the ammo ( 124gn JTT 9mm Minor )
The number of rounds purchased.

  Anyone wishing to purchase match ammo MUST order before June 1st to ensure availability. We will have ammo at the match but worried that we will run short not knowing how many rounds to have.

  Failure to supply this receipt when requested by Chrono Crew will result in the competitor's ammo being subjected to the chrono station as though it were NOT match ammo and subject to the normal requirements and repercussions. Of course any previously purchased Bullet Shop ammo may be used in the match but you will be required to pass Chrono. If you would like to ensure a "pass" at the chrono station you will need to buy Match Ammo.

  Again, there are the IPSC Rule book requirements of Match Ammo. We did not decide these stipulations on our own. I would be happy to answer any questions but please review 5.8.1 for a clearer understanding before posting as it will likely clear up many of the pertinent questions.

Douglas Glisson
2017 IPSC Alberta Provincial Match Director


 Registration this year will be completed through


As always, PLEASE make sure to fill out the required information carefully!!


Please use PayPal or EMT to submit your match fees,      AFTER you have registered through Practiscore.



2017 IPSC AB Provincials

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Thank you everyone!

Let Stacey and Doug know if you have any questions using the e-mail above!